Himalaya Cystone 100 Tablets


Cystone is a unique herbomineral formulation to treat and prevent urinary tract infection and stone formation.

Cystone’s antibacterial action along with its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, pain relieving and urine pH normalizing actions prevent stone formation in the urinary tract and provide relief from pain and burning urination associated with urinary stones and urinary tract infections.

• Prevents stone formation in the urinary tract.
• Normalizes acidic urine and relieves burning urination.
• Reduces pain and inflammation.
• Has antibacterial action.
• Cystone treats stones in the urinary tract, and recurrent urinary tract infections. Cystone inhibits stone formation by
• Reducing the concentration of stone forming substances in the blood and expelling them from the body.
• Breaking up stones by acting on mucin, a gummy substance which binds particles together.
• Normalizing acidic urine.
• Reducing oxidative stress, which is implicated in urinary stone formation.